Paradise Park or formerly known as Seri Center is a shopping mall in Prawet District, Bangkok, Thailand


The retail giants Siam Piwat and MBK made a new joint-venture in the suburbs of Bangkok their Paradise Park Srinakarin transformed Seri Center at a total cost of Bt3.2 billion. 

The mall opened officially on August 24, 2010 . It has been a rival to a nearby mall, Seacon Square. 

Of the visitors to Paradise Park, about 70% are people who live within a 3-kilometre radius, while the rest come from other areas of Bangkok as well as upcountry.

On offer will be lots of software and a variety of peripherals

paradise park bangkok

Over at the Paradise Park (Seri Centre) (just down the way from Seacon Square) things keep getting better and better. New shops are popping up - the Mega Store, offering a variety of peripherals and the like, including scanners, HP printers (and lots of other printers too). 

One shop you should definitely put on your list is ArtSoft (its off in a corner, so youll have to look around to find it. 

If you see the Book Chest - another shop to visit! - and continue down, youll see it off to your left at the end of the hall.

ArtSoft has lots of software, with some incredibly good deals to boot. 

Youll find new games. A long running discount of 20 percent applies to several shelves of games. They have lots of stuff for the kids, learning software, educational titles, games and more. Worth a visit!

Kidding aside, they do have an extensive collection of the latest software though, as always, much of it extremely high-priced.